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Alien Sex Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Nik Fiend

Band Name
Alien Sex Fiend

Band Members
Nik Fiend
Mrs Fiend
Doc Milton
Rat Fink

Alien Sex Fiend is a gothic rock / deathrock band from the UK. Getting their start at the Batcave club in London in 1982, they quickly became known in the gothic scene for their psychobilly, dark electronic, industrial sound, heavy samples and loops and manic vocals. Alien Sex Fiend is led by the eccentric Nick Wade, better known as the macabre Nik Fiend and his spouse Mrs. Fiend.

Alien Sex Fiend

  • Studio albums
    • Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? (1983)
    • Acid Bath (1984)
    • Maximum Security (1985) – UK #100
    • The First Alien Sex Fiend Compact Disc (1986)
    • It - The Album (1986)
    • The Impossible Mission Mini-LP (1987)
    • Here Cum Germs (1987)
    • Another Planet (1988)
    • Curse (1990)
    • Open Head Surgery (1992)
    • The Legendary Batcave Tapes (1993)
    • Inferno (1994)
    • Nocturnal Emissions (1997)
    • Nocturnal Emissions (Special Edition) (2000)
    • Information Overload (2004)

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